Real Estate September 30, 2017

Realtor® Vs For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

5 Important Reasons Why you should use a Realtor® to sell your house instead of Trying to Sell it Yourself

No. 1 Money

According to the National Association of Realtors®, sellers using a Realtor® to sell their home will realize more money in the end.

However, a FSBO does not have to pay a percentage of the sale price to a listing broker.


No. 2 Marketing

A Realtor® has access to the Multiple Listing Service where thousands of other Realtors® can see your property and show their clients.  Buyers also have access through  Many of the MLS providers list their properties on Zillow and Trulia.

Without access to the MLS, FSBO’s will have to pay out of pocket for all advertising to market their homes.


No. 3 Time

A good Realtor® will dedicate a lot of their time and energy marketing and promoting your house to sell.

Owners generally struggle to find enough time to effectively market and show their home to potential buyers.


 No. 4 Negotiation

Realtors® are experienced negotiators in the sale and purchase of real estate.

Inexperienced sellers must negotiate and avoid all the legal pitfalls on their own.


No. 5 Legal Issues

An experienced Realtor® will work within the laws of the State, co-ordinate all aspects of the sale with attorneys and other Realtors® involved in the contract.  They will ensure that all important dates and deadlines are adhered to, ensuring a smooth closing.

Unless a FSBO has legal knowledge of the process and law of real estate, there is always a potential risk for an error to be made, resulting in the Seller being sued by the Buyer.


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